Wednesday, December 28, 2011

missles and toes

So ......Sorry

Hey Everybody
So.. I was thinking to my self ...hey self when is the last time you blogged about every thing and it said "no idea." So here I am letting you know what's new.

I never knew I was like a leaking fossit (not how that is spelled). I am though; I am this person who need to make or else I lose my ideas for making art. I also need badly to let it flow out onto canvas. Even if it's prints. I do love making prints though. I as the new freeing feeling about it.  

Maybe I'll be famous ironicly for print making and not painting. LOL That would be a bitch...three or for prints against 100s of paintings. Oh  well I'll never know until it is or isn't. I do it more for the love honestly but if I sell a few hundred or even one it's a great day.

Also I had a great holiday. I couldn't help but love it. I was around amazing people and I missed a few others like my mom who lives far away.

I want a great life ultimately  and I am having and working on just that.

til next time

Jawara Blake


Thursday, December 8, 2011

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