Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Solar teams

So i figured out my sculpture and I have half drawn it. I ran out of steam last night and just couldn't finish it. But I promise my self I will tonight.

Now I have to draw my pinup.

Monday, April 28, 2014

ready set go!

busy day......

Monday monday

So I think to get more hits on my website I'm only posting links to this blog and my website on social media because I need more traffic.

Now bigger news. is .....my little brother in law Nick gave me a shit ton of clay to I can sculpt my figurine. We are going to sculp then make a mold and then mold them out and I'll hand paint them. :)

Also my friend and fellow artist Theo Ellsworth's art is now hanging in my studio. He is amazing.

I'm honestly not sure what I should sculpt. I would ask you if it should be a pinup or a monster gorilla but I know you will tell me to follow my heart....so boooooooooooo to your advice. lol Just kidding. It is a road I have to walk so end up where I'm going.

Friday, April 25, 2014

lightning upside down

lightning upside down 2

The badgirl

I don't really paint for other people. I do love when they enjoy it but it honestly is what I love to do. I'm only really on Facebook so I can talk to friends because like most of you I have forgotten how to use a phone. :)

Something recently has bothered me. I read a post from another semi famous artist and they basically said to the new and old artists "you will not make it."  I hate this shit because no one really makes it until they are old and or dead. A few of us get to even see that people like what we make. We are the lucky ones. But for no reason should other artists put each other down! We are honestly the only fans of each others work we get to see outside of parents and friends. To get a complement from a stranger is rare. Just help each other out honestly. I studied under a master painter when I was 13 and he helped me figure out how to start thinking of myself as an artist and the rest came with time. I didn't even think of my self as good until some one asked me to train them under me. It shocked me and I tried my best to help them out and now they are on that journey with their art. I'm proud and happy and hopeful for them because that is what you do as n artist and as a human being. Don't be a dick.

Monday, April 21, 2014

growing inward

Unknown title as of yet

I've been making more art as expected. It is feeling more focused each time if that makes sense.

left side of the moon

Awesomecon DC 2014

I haven't been to one of these Comicconish things for 15 years maybe....If was super fun. I loved it. We had a blast. (Alec and I) Saw Billie Pipper. Rose on Doctor Who. She hasn't aged a day. I really loved it. We have made plans to go again next year. I do wish more friend would have gone with though....but next year.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The regal universe

The universe according to El Pintor

I might be crazy. People say I am. They say for me to paint and draw and be creative you had to let go of the things that make us sane. Maybe I'm a old soul with to many things do do on the page. either way....heads or tails I'm happy. Maybe that is why I'm crazy because I'm still happy. They say artists should be tortured..........been there done that.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

Growing outward

I love the art of McBess. He is an amazing painter and artist. I love how crisp his lines are and his designs are just so vivid.

So with this tip of information about me and my love for McBess I am painting an axe. I'm of course doing it in my style but I just love his style and wanted to share it with you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

rain fall for bird gods

little by little the world changes and flows.

Rain fall on the brains of gods

I have done so much gold leaf recently that I'm starting to look at it as rain falls on trees. Natural and reactive. Which is to say ....when i look at an imagine inside ...behind my eyes I see the gold leaf not as an addition but as the skin. There is a love in these things they move me and I thought at one time I was a mountain with designs but they are the mountain. I am the bird. I sore and look down as the world moves.

 This life is not about me showing off my skills but letting you know how things come into my mind and grow on the page.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I remember being 18 and telling someone 28 "I hope I die before I get to be your age." Wow! I guess I never remember being in the middle of becoming my own artist. It was really hard. Like ...crazy hard. I could see it but not make it completely. That was torture. I'm 32 now and I like being alive at 32 it's peaceful mostly. Nothing as chaotic as then. I still get mad and calm my self down but now I see the silliness in my self about most things.  The road is long and hard to here but well worth the limping. we grow older as we stare in mirrors and we change slowly as we just let ours selves live limping on.

I hope you are all well.