Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Warning this is going to be long winded.

I've been at war. Honestly, I know how JMB felt now. I'm feeling angry about the racism in the art world. All my but on of my favorite living artists aren't black. He'll only a few aren't male. It's not that I am trying to not enjoy painters from all backgrounds ...it's that it's so fucking hard to find multicultural artists. That are in the main stream. You have to look for "special" art types to see different artists. It's not in magazines or even the newspapers. It's like they hide us in back rooms. It makes me really made for my self and for the public. Shepard Fairy is very talented but I see so many artist on the walls of DC who should be standing information of him or at least beside him. Share all the art you find people! Please! No one with power is going to write about your cousin or friends ...you have to. Ghandi said " be the change you wish to see in the world."

If I post something you like...share it...no one else I feel is going to. I need your help. I am that great artist at a gallery show they put up in the small back room gallery because I'm young and not a white guy. I feel beat up some days by this but I push on because honestly fuck those people! I do this because I love it and I sell a lot of work normally. I just wish I could get the chance to make the world get a chance to see me paint. I work really hard but I feel like if I let people put me in a box of just being another "black artist" then I be left out of a huge amount of people seeing my work. Like the back corner of a newspaper that only a few people will read because it's next to ads for strip clubs.

Help me out here.

Later and love you,


Thanks for hearing me out.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


So here well go.

I'm thinking of working on my own web comic on my website. It will be a page on my site. I very excited but I'm not sure how it will go. But I'll try really hard to make it good. I'm thinking a "the tick" type story line but with my luchadoras and luchadors. We'll see.

Here is one of the characters.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi guys

Sooooooo...I have been trying to publish some audio recordings on this blog but I have failed so far. "You are so failure," as I would of said as a child.

So the jest of what I was trying to do was a audio of my unwritten Bio. I have come with some crazy bios in my life but the true bio is not published. I used to make up stuff to get people at shows to buy art. It was fun and funny but no one really knows much about me from them. They have truth to them but only part truths.

I mean I am a honest guy but I love jokes ...sooo....yeah...sorry but not really.

I'm 31......lets see.....I went to art college.....I'm mostly self taught and I love /feel sad when I see art that moves me. 1 because it is amazing and 2 because I 'm never sure I live up to the art that moves me. It's hard loving other peoples art because it is amazing and it makes me feel lazy.  But I still go in search for it...every day because I love being moved.......the real bio.....I'm still discovering and I feel is like a million billion words.

tuna...fish ......mango....egg..bunny...feet..lemon dragons!

no reason ...just because.