Monday, July 15, 2013

Two days after a bad day

Today is the second day after Trayvon Martin's killer walks free. I say it this way so to point out no matter how you feel about the outcome of the case the sentence is true. Zimmerman killed young Mr. Martin. I'm not going to argue about how I feel. It makes me sad to see a young brother die. I hate death. It hurts and never fixes anything. Now that I have said that I can say happier things.

I didn't paint the last few days. It was hard to focus but today is a new day......

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hi water people...gypsy s

So....I am not good at writing in this every day. Sorry. But I want to be.

I used to write in crazy babble when I was in a bad place just to vent and I'm in a great place now so I'm open and so I write less but I still have lots of plans to tell all of you so bear with me.

This is what I have been doing everyday for three months now. I think I really love it. I felt weird at first putting them up because I was afraid of judgement. The response has been amazing so I feel comfortable about it. I shouldn't care so much but I still do. It is just a part of my make up.

I'm workings slowly on a a really art book. Full of pictures and stories and creativity  and hope. I'm just want it to be perfect.



Monday, July 1, 2013

More painting today

Very busy painter


I never noticed how much I love to paint alone. It makes me happy and comfy. I want to be able to do live shows but I'm not sure I'm able to really vanish in the brush strokes when I think about being watched.