Saturday, May 24, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

my life list


we're just going to talk drawings or illustrations...........I'm having a sad moment so I'm going to do something I rarely

I get if you know me I can come off distant sometimes but I do have feels. I can feel hurt and sad when someone is mean to me. A large part of my life people have been mean to me and that used to make me very mad until I read a line from the Dali Lama "anger is sadness pushed outward." That could have been Yoda the more I think about it. It has been a rough few weeks on the inside but I have been strong on the outside. It's what I do for some reason. I don't know when I started and I have no idea why I keep doing it. I think if I was just this guy who could say" that is harsh reason to be mean to me," I don't honestly think people would be caught to off guard. It's hard being a man can't really show weakness. People hunt the weak sadly. They see a dint and then pick at it until the arm fall off or you rip their off. I don't want to rip anything off anyone but it is easy to be a porcupine.

I love this life but I'm human so I have bad moments and I mean to work on them. Maybe I should just make a list and post it up in my studio as a reminder to work on me. I think I will.............

1. be nicer calm
3. just breathe
4. if you can't do something you want for a day don't get annoyed
5. spend more time with my family (alec,goose,mon)
6. make art to make myself happy not to build a fanbase
7. tell your fans you love them
8.ride your bike
9. smile
10. be a better person not just to strangers but the people you know
11. study Portuguese because knowing your heritage's language makes you feel good

Monday, May 12, 2014

We dreamed of wallflowers made of wheels

It took a while but I finally got it posted. enjoy kiddos

much love


Saturday, May 10, 2014

ever growing

I honestly don't remember the first octogirl I ever did. I might of been in college........It just made since to me and the  masks made me feel stronger about each design....I love texture so much!