Monday, May 19, 2014

my life list


we're just going to talk drawings or illustrations...........I'm having a sad moment so I'm going to do something I rarely

I get if you know me I can come off distant sometimes but I do have feels. I can feel hurt and sad when someone is mean to me. A large part of my life people have been mean to me and that used to make me very mad until I read a line from the Dali Lama "anger is sadness pushed outward." That could have been Yoda the more I think about it. It has been a rough few weeks on the inside but I have been strong on the outside. It's what I do for some reason. I don't know when I started and I have no idea why I keep doing it. I think if I was just this guy who could say" that is harsh reason to be mean to me," I don't honestly think people would be caught to off guard. It's hard being a man can't really show weakness. People hunt the weak sadly. They see a dint and then pick at it until the arm fall off or you rip their off. I don't want to rip anything off anyone but it is easy to be a porcupine.

I love this life but I'm human so I have bad moments and I mean to work on them. Maybe I should just make a list and post it up in my studio as a reminder to work on me. I think I will.............

1. be nicer calm
3. just breathe
4. if you can't do something you want for a day don't get annoyed
5. spend more time with my family (alec,goose,mon)
6. make art to make myself happy not to build a fanbase
7. tell your fans you love them
8.ride your bike
9. smile
10. be a better person not just to strangers but the people you know
11. study Portuguese because knowing your heritage's language makes you feel good