Sunday, October 13, 2013

Long time......

So I haven't written anything to you guys in a long time. Or at least to me it feels like a long time.
 I have painted and worked and crafted so much stuff that you can see on  My website. But this is not about that. This is about just me.

So I picked up The Last Of Us a few months back. I loved it the story was so deep and beautiful and dark so it was perfect for me. I love movies and books and music like that. I'm a gluten for that shit. It is the heart beat some times in me. Not sure that is always a good thing but it is me. I started buying games or a game once or twice a year when I was twenty because I noticed painting all the time none stop was driving me crazy and I was super depressed on fall breaks in college because I wasnt painting. I never really had much money so this was easier than a long road trip to South America. Because yes! I would have driven to Chile in a car and not thought about how I would get back or even maybe I should learn to speak amazing Spanish before hand. I was wilder then I am now by far. Youth.....

In this life I'm just wanting to be noticed as a painter and so I do lots of free art with others because I enjoy selling art but hate the pressure of money. To sell and buy and pay for everything.

I'm doing some art with some SG's. So that is super exciting. I'm afraid a bit to fail but it is the only real fears I notice.  I have a great life and a amazing wife and in that I am gifted.     But I always need a brush on me to feel whole.

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