Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I dreamed of Marley( my daughter who pasted  a few years back) last night. It was peaceful and she  smiled at me.. I woke up with Goose (my cat) laying asleep on my chest. It was sweet. I wiped my eyes a bit...half pollen  and half tears. I'm going to be a dad again one day and I'm afraid I will not be able to protect them from death. Life feels like wood working......the wood has it's own shapes and you can use it or fight it but it's still going to be wood. I can't control everything and my fear is apart of that. The world was not made for me nor I for it but we try each day because that is what we do.  I was finishing "Stars......dream" painting today and I noticed I felt the lines as if they were finger prints inside my soul like a cave has growths of calcium. .....I can't be fearless or perfect but I can be nature and try and live and do and be and love and cry and fear and run and jump and be....and be ...be .be ....be....love.