Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi guys

Sooooooo...I have been trying to publish some audio recordings on this blog but I have failed so far. "You are so failure," as I would of said as a child.

So the jest of what I was trying to do was a audio of my unwritten Bio. I have come with some crazy bios in my life but the true bio is not published. I used to make up stuff to get people at shows to buy art. It was fun and funny but no one really knows much about me from them. They have truth to them but only part truths.

I mean I am a honest guy but I love jokes ...sooo....yeah...sorry but not really.

I'm 31......lets see.....I went to art college.....I'm mostly self taught and I love /feel sad when I see art that moves me. 1 because it is amazing and 2 because I 'm never sure I live up to the art that moves me. It's hard loving other peoples art because it is amazing and it makes me feel lazy.  But I still go in search for it...every day because I love being moved.......the real bio.....I'm still discovering and I feel is like a million billion words. dragons!

no reason ...just because.