Friday, April 25, 2014

The badgirl

I don't really paint for other people. I do love when they enjoy it but it honestly is what I love to do. I'm only really on Facebook so I can talk to friends because like most of you I have forgotten how to use a phone. :)

Something recently has bothered me. I read a post from another semi famous artist and they basically said to the new and old artists "you will not make it."  I hate this shit because no one really makes it until they are old and or dead. A few of us get to even see that people like what we make. We are the lucky ones. But for no reason should other artists put each other down! We are honestly the only fans of each others work we get to see outside of parents and friends. To get a complement from a stranger is rare. Just help each other out honestly. I studied under a master painter when I was 13 and he helped me figure out how to start thinking of myself as an artist and the rest came with time. I didn't even think of my self as good until some one asked me to train them under me. It shocked me and I tried my best to help them out and now they are on that journey with their art. I'm proud and happy and hopeful for them because that is what you do as n artist and as a human being. Don't be a dick.