Monday, February 24, 2014

My book "Little Littles"

I'm working on my comic book finally. I'm writing up all these little notes on what I want the lines to look like and the characters. I cant wait to start drawing and and inking and painting. I feel like this is something no one has ever seen before. There is this dream in my heart to make something I can really be proud of. the short none spoiler is The main character is a woman named Tigra and she is a graffiti artist who declares war on the big banks in her city in hopes of changing the world one little step at a time. I hope when it comes out and as I post little bits people get really excited and the word spreads.

Here is a piece from a few days ago I'm not sure if this is a teaser or not......

last thing...we are our own futures and and paint are my weapons of choose.

El Pintor out.