Thursday, June 19, 2014

art is sex

I remember being in art school and a friend who was a nude model asked me if I meant to draw her with "ethnic trades?" It then occurred to me I did draw her in charcoal with a different nose and it changed her face huge. I remember trying to fix it for twenty minutes but it just blurred the whole thing. I later looked at the paintings of Picasso and noted he painted how he painted and made no apologies. I'm not Picasso but I learned I could be in a way him. Now i can draw a nose right on a face but I draw mostly in ink now because little mistakes can be fixed with textures and learned secrets but mostly it's art. I am a painter or as i call myself and very few others do "El Pintor" . It's all life and love and sex of canvas. Each painting is a child made from the sex of creativity and practice.