Monday, September 29, 2014

words of minds

This one day I was standing in a studio in NC in my twenties; I just hung up a painting at a God City show. I only ever did one. I liked being in a group but at best I'm a loner. I don't play well with others on most things. I mumble and like being alone when I it was forced to be short lived and to be honest I don't think I was their style. They are a great group and I'm still honored they let me hang out with them that day....but the point of the story :) One of the more amazing artists I ever met told me great things like "always have 3 things your working on at a time. It keeps you creative." I have off and on threw the years. It sits with me. So in most cases my mind is always working on a painting. I'm very introverted that way.
She is beautiful but has so much texture to go..............and much colors. I'm making these to see which on is amazing enough to be my next big painting.