Sunday, October 12, 2014

Male nudity

A long time ago I had an art show. It was the last art show I did in a gallery and it was shitty. I felt shitty the entire time because I just didn't feel open enough. I din't have frames for everything I did so I could post up everything new I had done. I had some really beautiful revolutionary stuff for me. I got this one complement that like some do rubbed me wrong "you are really great at drawing the female form." I said "thank you but I can draw and paint males and females with the same skill." They shrugged and it pissed me off. The human form is amazing and works in such a amazing ways that no one can grasp. I stopped painting males years back on canvas because I couldn't find places that would let me hang them up. People sometimes just don't see the male form as beautiful. They sexualise both but they is a odd way they treat the male human which drives me mad.