Friday, July 24, 2015


It's super early in the morning for me so......about 8:43 AM. I know I'm ridiculous but I have always hated mornings. Just dropped off Alec at work. I have a few hours to work on art before going to work at the shop for the rest of the day. So I spending the morning listening to Podcasts and hanging out with Mon and Goose. They are being silly and trying to get my attention by bouncing around and running back and fourth in the hallway outside my studio. It's cute but insane. They normally only have enough focus to do this for about two minutes before they give up.

I'm trying to take more photos and write more in life. I feel like it makes me more of an artist.

We go on our short walks every morning. We play with other dogs and avoid stepping in other dogs leavings.

Alec go this water fountain for the beast's and naturally Goose loves playing in the box and looks insane but funny. 

By the by honestly....I have to say this.   I am honored that people tell me I have inspired them. I hope I help the women who see my work proud to be tattooed and not ashamed of their bodies. It's very important me that my work is thought of as a celebration and never an insult.

painter out