Monday, November 16, 2015

I forget sometimes in the wake of France being attacked that Facebook is full of racists. It is a huge distraction these days. I should and am back to making art again. I don't know when I stopped doing the masks. I think I started enjoy my faces with ink washes so much I stopped painting over them.
I think she looks a little French. Which is not honestly on purpose. She was painted a few days before. I feel like she needs a background to make her whole. 

I sold  some work this weekend. It feels empty, which is a new feeling. I think I may still have a cold. Just a little bit. Alec and I took a bike ride on Sunday and I think I may have pushed myself to hard to fast. So I'm drinking my green tea and pondering what my painting needs. Jeremy Fish said once "I always thought sketches was just what you did before painting but then I found out people looked at them as art all on their own." It's not a direct quote but that was the jist.