Monday, January 11, 2016


Many paths I have traversed. I am a painting but that has changed in so many ways as I have aged and now it means ink washes and water colors and sometimes on those great moments acrylics. My journey is unexpected for me each morning. I have never been much for planning but as I get older my memory has forced me to make lists. My focus is true but scattered at the same point. I know of all the things I wish to make Nevis se I now know I can make them. It feels so foreign to find confidence. It has become a worn in pair of jeans with a hole in the crotch. I love those jeans and keep adding patches to them.   I think the only thing that hasn't changed is my passion. It is strong and fluid like a wave. 
I am now looking finally into making real prints to boot. Finding people asking me for them is a happy surprise. I'm moving with the need instead of trying to make the trend and having all these things I hope people want at some point. The disappointment of that act I knew way to well years back. It stuck with me like a scar that say in a corner on my studios face. This year will be one of many of mine to come I feel. Making is my heart beat.