Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Life on Saturn

I feel like the smallest painter on the internet some days. Like I'm in a bowl of old cereal and I'm getting older and going sour. I think it really just is hitting me because my birthday is coming up. It's surreal to feel like you are getting older and not sure the art world respects older anymore. 

 I'm making a new calendar for myself  to keep on track with uploads and paintings. I'm not sure I like making prints. I feel like they feel cheap. I have made a few prints I really loved but most of them I'm not sure I enjoy so I'm erasing a few of them. I realize it might be a step back to my career but I need to feel proud of my works.    In bigger news I'm watching Lucha Underground again. I know that sounds silly that that is big news but I draw a lot of inspiration from Lucha libre. It has been my favorite thing my whole life. The masks are awesome but the luchador's make the masks awesome. I'm enjoying it again is the main point. I haven't enjoyed it for years. To all those who enjoy grind house style films; this is the show for you. It's very exciting.  Alec and I are watching a lot of anime again and she is writing up a storm of amazing short stories. She has this power to pull you into her amazing stories. I hope one day to illustrate one of them. I think I'm going back to posting videos once a week again.   See you later Jaws