Friday, February 26, 2016


I wish I lived on the West Coast some days. I feel like the West loves it's artists more. Like the richest and worst art lovers only live here some what. I just don't feel like having to get up like Swoon and Obey. I'm not a graffiti artist but I get why they bomb walls to stand out. It is not easy to find places that want to celebrate living artists. They want to the ide not the person. We do so much in the moments we create and not a soul but us celebrates artists. The funny but is mostly artists buy art from artists. It's funny and sad how we pass the amendment money in a way around in our circles. Where are the Bohemianist of our generation of creativity?  Did all the spirit of free love move to Canada when Nixon was President? ......hmmmmmm   I am not crazy enough at this point for it not to bother me anymore. I sobered up and now the world feels grey outside of my home. anyone else listening as we roll round in space like marbles for the stars?