Monday, March 24, 2014

Birds are ink against mountains of soup


So it has been a  few days since my last goes it? I'm good...a bit on edge I think but good. I think I miss Carlos....we used to talk all the time and now we moved and I never see's been a week in the amazing new place but I miss the simple neighborhood. I should just call and visit........weird people problems I guess. I sometimes wish I should turn them off. Like find the nob and click it to 2. I need to paint more but I have no real canvases. I need to get up and go grab some tomorrow before work. I've been wondering if I'm moving forward in my art or if I should keep my I'm not sure anyone looks at it at all. I need new cards so people visit it and leave comments. I should just wash it out and start it over again so it is minds are like camp much burning at one time fighting against the cold night air against the night. hmmmmmmmmm.....thoughts in the fourth wall.