Monday, March 3, 2014

My hair

If you follow my art blog...Hi...but also you have most likely seen a picture of me if not met me at some point. So you know I have long hair.....long dreadlocks. I have been growing them for over seven years now. It is my journey. I know to some that might sound cool and others I think are not  into it. Either way it's still my journey. You learn a lot about your self when you go on a journey. You learn patience and that each line leads to a point. Someone asked me yesterday at a bar drunkenly "when are you going to shave that off?" I honestly have thought about it for years. I honest mostly will one day but I might not even. I with shorten it for sure but cut off? No....the more I think about it...I love having long hair. I always have. I have learned so much about waiting in life from just not cutting it.......patience is life....and life is long for some of us.

Jaws out....